Install Glass Tile

How do I set the glass tiles?

It is imperative that you first skim coat the substrate with thinset using the flat side of the trowel.

Use the notched edge to spread the thinset. Follow by flattening the peaks of the thinset with the smooth side. This will reduce the chance of having gaps or voids behind the tile. 

It is important to back butter the back of the tile to get maximum coverage.

Please make sure to not overbuild the thinset under the glass - this will make the finished surface uneven and increase the possibility that the thinset will shrink as it dries.

Carefully press the glass against the wall to prevent the notch marks in the adhesive from showing through the glass.

  • see ASTM/ANSI Guidelines (ANSI A108 American National Standards for the Installation of Ceramic Tile
  • See also “Installation of Paper Faced, Back Mounted, Edge Mounted, or Clear Film-Face Mounted Glass Mosaic Tile A108.16-2005